Classic Home Remedies for Poison Oak That Still Work

There are few among us who are immune to the terribly annoying effects of poison oak.  This plant causes a well-known rash that itches and has a reputation for sticking around for quite some time.  85% of Americans are prone to the effects of poison oak or its cousins, poison ivy and poison sumac.  Chances are, if you’re allergic to one you’re allergic to the other two.  What’s nice to know is there are actually  home remedies for itch relief.  We’ve gathered the best ones here, below.

What is Poison Oak?

These classic home remedies for poison oak still work because they’re basically treating an allergic reaction.  They are simple solutions to common problems that have irritated humans for centuries.  Poison oak contains urushiol, a substance most people are allergic to.  After contact, it causes the skin to develop a rash.

What are the Symptoms of a Reaction to Poison Oak?

Symptoms of poison oak will appear 1 to 3 days after contact.  Immediately, however, you will see red lines on your skin, where the plant brushed against you.  Also, you may experience:

  • blistering
  • oozing skin
  • itching

What are the Causes of Itching Due to Poison Oak?

Touching the leaves of a poison oak  plant is by far the easiest way to get dermatitis from poison oak.  Touching the stems or roots can also give you symptoms, however.

Classic Home Remedies for Poison Oak

1.  Aloe Vera.  Known generally as a healing agent and a good burn healer, Aloe Vera is also good on poison oak.  Just pat it on full strength.

2.  Tea Tree Oil.  This natural ingredient should be applied as many times as is possible throughout the day.

3.  Medicated Body Powder & Rubbing Alcohol.  Mix Gold Bond and rubbing alcohol together to form a paste.  Then dab it on the rash, then wrap it all up in gauze.

4.  Banana peels.  This is one of the more silly-sounding home remedies for poison oak but it works, albeit temporarily.  Rub the inside of a banana peel on your rash and it should stop itching for a while.

5.  Potatos & Oatmeal.    Don’t laugh: potatoes are used in a lot of home remedies where a non-inflammatory is needed.  Take a raw potato and blend it with the cooked oatmeal into a paste in your blender.  Then apply that to the rash.  You could also add it to your bathwater.

6.  Cool compress.  There’ s a blistering phase of a poison oak condition.  Putting a cool compress on the area during the blistering phase can provide relief.

7.  Calamine lotion.  Everyone should have a bottle in their bathroom cabinet.  This helps with the itching.

8.  A nice cool shower.  Again, this provides relief from itching.

9.  Coffee.  Yes, strong brewed black coffee applied to the irritated area can soothe the inflammation and itching.  That’s because coffee contains chlorogenic acid.  This is an anti-inflammatory.  Anything you can do to reduce inflammation will help stop the spread of the rash.

10.  Oats bath.  Add three cups of uncooked oats to your bath and soak.  This is a very well known home remedy for poison oak, or any skin conditin.

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